Oltre il diritto. Per un approccio dialogico tra cittadinanza e religione - by Gianluca Tracuzzi

SOMMARIO: 1. Premessa – 2. Dallo stato di natura al contratto sociale – 3. Conclusioni: dallo stato di natura (“inter -statale”) alla “trasfigurazione” del Leviatano.

ABSTRACT: This article aims at analyzing the relationship between citizenship and religion, taking its inspiration from the Thomas Hobbes’ thought. The Author try to propose a dialogue-based approach between the two different conceptual categories, also considering the fibrillations of today’s geo-political scenarios, starting from the Mediterranean area. In this perspective, he thinks that we need a necessary "transfiguration" of the Leviathan in order to promote – through a fertile dialogue between aims and values – a deeper revision of both the concept of sovereignty and the role of a constitutional State. Which is even more relevant with the reference to the issues of today’s multicultural society.