Il matrimonio same sex nella Repubblica di San Marino? - by Luca Iannaccone

SOMMARIO: 1. Premessa – 2. La questione del matrimonio tra persone dello stesso sesso in Italia: brevi cenni circa lo stato del dibattito nella giurisprudenza - 3. Il matrimonio same sex nella Repubblica di San Marino?

The same sex marriage in the Republic of San Marino?

ABSTRACT: The issue of the recognition of same sex marriages is extremely relevant again in Italy after the April 3, 2014 ruling in which the Court of Grosseto ordered to transcribe, in the registry office, a marriage contracted in New York (USA) by two Italian citizens of the same sex. The Author, after a brief synthesis that summarizes the main topics of the jurisprudential debate in Italy, turns his gaze to the neighboring Republic of San Marino, where the same issue was risen as a result of an initiative (Istanza d'Arengo) with which a San Marino citizen, having contracted a civil marriage abroad with the partner, sought its recognition in the Republic. The contribution deals with the topic in the light of the legislation in force in San Marino presenting the hypothesis that, de iure condendo, are looming on the horizon.