The Meaning of ‘Religion’ in Multicultural Societies Law - di AA. VV. (Consorti e altri)

From June 18th to June 22nd 2017 the first preparatory meeting of the newly-born European Academy of Religion: the so called Ex Nihilo Zero Conference was held in Bologna. The Adec - that is the Association of Italian University professors of Law and Religion - decided to take the opportunity to discuss about one of the two terms of its denomination, which indeed - and probably in a contradictory way - has never been examined in depth within the legal framework itself. The research question was really very simple - and at the same time quite explosive: what is the meaning of the word “Religion” when we find it written in the Eu Courts jurisprudence? We read “Religion”, but are we sure that this word has a unique meaning? Are we able to give a unanimous definition of “Religion”? (segue)