Osservazioni sul processo vaticano contro il cardinale Becciu e altri imputati - di Paolo Cavana

Insights into the Vatican Trial against Cardinal Becciu and Others

ABSTRACT: This paper examines various aspects of the trial recently concluded before the Vatican Court, primarily focusing on the determination of criminal liability related to the acquisition of the London Palace on Sloane Avenue with funds from the Secretariat of State. Specifically, the analysis focuses on some key principles stemming from the international commitments made by the Holy See on behalf of the Vatican State, highlighting the resulting constraints on the Pope's authority as the temporal sovereign of the State. It explores the application of these principles within the trial proceedings and the impact of multiple pontifical rescripta issued during the case, which expanded the powers of the Promoter of Justice in relation to the accused and were justified by the Vatican Court. Additionally, it addresses the potential consequences stemming from these developments, both in terms of the credibility of the Vatican jurisdiction in the international context and in its relations with Italian authorities