On the issue of the content of notion of “Human Being” from the Perspective of Medical Law and Bioethics - di Igor V. Ponkin, Alexandra A. Ponkina

SUMMARY: 1. Problem description – 2. Practical Importance of the issue of the content of “Human Being” Concept – 3. Conceptual Approaches to Interpretation of the Concept of “Human Being” – 4. Conclusion.

ABSTRACT: The article covers the concept of “human being”. It describes the existing conceptual approaches to the concept interpretation and to the development of the concept legal definition. It studies the practical importance of the issue of the content of “Human being” concept. It touches upon the concept of “Chimera” – as a result of fusion of genetic material of a human being and inhuman life forms. It shows danger of such scientific experiments. It presents foreign practices of legal bans on production of chimeras. The authors also use international documents regarding the problem.