La concezione cristiana della storia nella riflessione di Carl Schmitt - di Riccardo Cavallo

Christian conception of history in Carl Schmitt’s Thought

ABSTRACT: The aim of this essay is to analyse the Christian conception of history in Carl Schmitt’s thought, already developed in his previous works, but again recalled and reworked in the 1950s, in order to hinder the technological drift of society. In particular, in outlining this new and different temporal horizon, Schmitt, on the one hand, recalled the solitary and prophetic intuitions of Donoso Cortés and, on the other, the mysterious figure of the katéchon, or rather, one of the most meaningful concepts of Schmitt’s theological-political Weltanschauung.

SOMMARIO: 1. Un nuovo e terrificante scenario - 2. Tramonto o rinascita dell’eone cristiano? - 3. Katéchon versus Éschaton.