De Mammona iniquitatis. Spiritually poor: the Sturzian roots of the Encyclical “Caritas in veritate” of Benedict XVI - di Luigi Barbieri

SUMMARY: The spirit of the present contribution: “the economics as if the person would count” – 1. Essential notes on the “popular capitalism” in the thought of Luigi Sturzo - 2. The economical liberty and the rules’ liberalism – 3. Synthesis considerations.

ABSTRACT: Without any claim of exhaustiveness, these brief notes seem to give a key of reading to individuate the links between the Sturzian thought and the teaching of the Encyclical Caritas in veritate: maybe between the ecclesiastical law and economics. For a more detailed and complete analysis, it will be necessary that the analyst considers that the Caritas in veritate does not want to be an economics treaty, rather a theological-pastoral document whose argumentations are in the point of conjunction between the social sciences and the Christian anthropology that judges and connects them