Alcune riflessioni sull’ordinamento vaticano. Ricordando il Maestro - di Pasquale Lillo

SOMMARIO: 1. Momenti di destino - 2. Lezioni sul diritto vaticano - 3. Stato pontificio e Stato della Città del Vaticano - 4. Diritto canonico e ordinamento vaticano - 5. Riflessioni conclusive.

Some reflections on the Vatican system. Remembering the Master.

ABSTRACT: In recalling the life and work of prof. Giuseppe Dalla Torre, the author highlights some key areas in which the interests and personal commitment of the late Maestro are most focused. The essay intends to highlight that prof. Dalla Torre, also on the basis of his immense scientific production, was not only a brilliant and highly original scholar of canon law and ecclesiastical law, but he was also a refined constitutionalist, a careful scholar of public law and constitutional law. in relation to the various state systems, as well as in relation to the very unique system of the Vatican City State. The paper makes a specific reflection on some aspects of the current Vatican legal system, to which Dalla Torre has dedicated significant personal energies, especially in recent years. The essay indicates that the Vatican system was not only an important object of study and legal interest on the part of Giuseppe Dalla Torre. But it also represented an important field of action in which he sowed with copious abundance: both as a consultant for various departments of the Apostolic See; both from a jurisprudential point of view, in the years in which he held prestigious positions as a Vatican magistrate and, most recently, as President of the same Court of the Vatican City State; and, again, from the point of view of the care of new generation of jurists - trained through a prestigious School led by himself - with the relevant purpose of providing them with the tools suitable to operate, even at a professional level, within the "walls" Vatican system. It follows that Giuseppe Dalla Torre not only represents an illustrious ecclesiastic and canonist of our times, but also an esteemed legal practitioner, as well as an appreciated "Vatican jurist".